Staff File Maintenance

Before implementing Workstem: Update employee info—bank, contacts, addresses, gender, birthdates—to build a complete database.

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Managing Staff File Information

Step 1

Navigate to "Employee" --> Double-click on the employee field, then click "Edit" to directly modify the employee's data. You can also upload attachments with their personal information.

Step 2

To modify salary information, go to "Employment & Payroll Information" --> select "Change," please choose the effective type* and fill in the reason (promotion? raise? etc.).

Note⚠️: Explanation of Effective Types*:

Select "Effective Immediately" to change the current salary and employment information of the employee, effective immediately on the same day. For example, if an employee is promoted from manager to director starting today.

Select "Effective In The Future" to record in advance the future employment changes for the employee. For example, an employee will be promoted and given a raise starting from the 1st of next month (Note: When adjusting an employee's salary, the effective date should coincide with the beginning of the employee's pay cycle. For instance, if the employee Tony's pay cycle is standard, from the 1st to the last day of each month, and the company decides to adjust Tony's salary from 10,000 HKD to 15,000 HKD next month, the effective date for adjusting Tony's salary to 15,000 HKD should be on the 1st of next month when changing employee information).

Select "Modify" if there was an error in the initial input of employee information and you wish to make changes. Choosing "Modify" will not add any historical records.

Select "Historical Record" to add a record of past employment information for the employee. For example, if it's the first time using the system but there's a need for past personnel changes to be recorded, you can click here.

Note⚠️: Except for the "Modify" operation, selecting the other three types of effective actions ensures that every action of HR is recorded, and stored in the change history and employment and compensation records (see the figure below), for easy reference in the future. If the selected type is "Modify," it will not be saved as a historical record in the system and will only be updated immediately for the employee's information.

Step 3

Here, you can modify the join date, employment type, position, department, manager, location for clocking in/out, salary rules, base salary, payment method, and cost center.

Step 4

In the "Notes" section, you can assign tags to employees for easier management and also add employee experience information.

*Following the above steps will enable you to create a comprehensive personnel database in the system.

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