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How to let employees fill in their personal information by themselves?

Try the "Share" feature! Employees can help you enter some of the information.

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Employee self-service information filling

When adding the employees’ files, what if there are too many employees and too much information? How can we quickly add employees’ basic information to the system?

Useful Tools ☀️ ️ : Employee fills in personal information by self-service

Come to have a try a [Share] function! Your employees will facilitate you filling in some of their information.

When entering a staff information page, you can click [Share] at the top right corner, select automatically generate a QR code or a link in the system, and then send to the employee. In this way, the employee can help to complete filling in some personal basic information.

Step 1 Enter the Target Employee page

Click [People] --> Double click the bar of the employee that you want to send

Step 2 Get the share link or QR Code

Click [Share]

Step 3 Get your employee to scan the QR Code ro enter the link

The employee can scan the QR code or enter the link to complete the personal file

Note⚠️:The QR code is only valid for 24 hours. So, if the employee fails to verify his or her email address over 24 hours, HR needs to resend an invitation email again.

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