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How to manage employee tax file?
How to manage employee tax file?

Tax file management

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Method 1: Fill in the blank of tax file manually

  • menu:Tax-File

  • Step:

    Click the "View" button to enter the file details interface, click the "Edit", the gray uneditable part is synchronously get from the employee file, other items can be edited;

  • Note:"Region Code" is required, otherwise the tax reports cannot be uploaded;

Method 2: Download the template and import

  • Menu: Tax-File

  • Step:

    Click the "Import File" button, click "Download Import Template", and import after complete the template information;

  • Note:

    • You can delete the sample data (row 3) before uploading;

    • Columns with * are required by the system for a successful upload;

    • "Region Code" is required,otherwise the tax reports cannot be uploaded;

  • After finishing the template information, click the "Import File" button, select the file you want to import, and finally click "OK";

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