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  • Attendance - Attendance data

The late/early leave/absence status of the clocking data is displayed immediately, that is, the status corresponding to the current clocking time point is displayed according to the scheduled shift, which has nothing to do with the attendance rules.

  • Attendance - Overview - View - Attendance Details

The late/early leave/absence status of the attendance overview details is shown based on the statistics and judgment of the employee's complete clocking situation on the whole day, and is affected by the attendance rules set at the location.

For example:

The schedule of the shift template is 9A.M. -6P.M.

Company - Location - attendance rules setting: no lateness will be recorded within 10 minutes;

  • Clocking in / Clock out: clock in at 9:05; clock out at 18:05, the status of "late" is displayed on the clock in interface of the App terminal immediately, and the status of "late" is displayed on the "Attendance - Overview " of the Web terminal.

  • However, due to the "attendance rules setting: If you do not record lateness within 10 minutes, the status of [lateness] will not be displayed", and the attendance details interface will be displayed as normal after 18:00.

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