To add the payroll formula of S/L4/5

Step 1

Click [Payroll] > [Settings] > click the [Settings] of pay items

Step 2

You can see the existing pay items in the pay item list, click the blue button [+New] in the upper right corner to add a new pay item.

Tip: You can also press the [Edit] button to modify an existing item. Suggest filling the basic information field clearly and then click on [Save] .

Name: customizable for easy identification, supports both Chinese and English

Formula Alias: SickLeaveConsecutive4Days

Decimal Place: Generally set to 2, which means the Pay Item will be calculated to 2 decimal places

Rounding Rules: Generally set to round off

Pay Types:

  • Income: items that are directly included in the total income, such as commissions, bonuses, etc.

  • Deduction: the amount is directly deducted from the total income, such as unpaid leave deduction, MPF contribution, etc.

  • Others: items used to calculate income or deductions, such as working days, days of unpaid leave, etc.

Custom project category: not required, for easier categorization only

Restricted Pay Rules: select whether the pay item is only applicable to some payroll policies, the system defaults to [No], that is, the pay item will be applied to all policies

Only the following salary rules are available: it can be filled when the restricted payroll policy is [Yes], which is used to specify that the pay item is only applied to a certain payroll policy.

Step 3 Adjust Formula

⅘ S/L formula of pay items:

ADW*(⅘)*(⅘ S/L Days)= Total ⅘ S/L Pay

The example: To calculate 4 days of ⅘ S/L allowance


Monthly salary is 10000 yuan, rest days are paid, the salary over the last 12 months before the first day of ⅘ S/L: 120000, including the earning by working and holidays.

Vacations during the 12 months: 71 days full pay holidays, including 52 rest days, 7 annual leave. Because there is no payment under all wages during the 12 months, so the days and pay amount not included in the calculations is 「0」.

To calculate the ADW during the 12 months according to ⅘ S/L allowance calculate by the average number during the 12 months:

(120000-0)yuan/(365-0)days=329yuan,4 days of ⅘ S/L allowance: 329yuan× (⅘) × 4days=1053yuan

Step 4

Click [Validate Formula] > [Save], after confirmation click [Finish] to complete the setting of ⅘ S/L pay item.

After finishing the setting of pay items, we can start to add pay item data.

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