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How to manage part-time employees leave ?
How to manage part-time employees leave ?
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Under Labour law, employees who are under continuous contract are entitled to paid leave. Part-time employees who work 18 hours a week for four consecutive weeks are considered to be under continuous contract, which is also known as 418 employees.

If you want to control labor costs, you need to monitor employee attendance and adjust shift schedules so that employees do not automatically meet Regulation 418. Once an employee has met Regulation 418, we must arrange leave for the employee in accordance with the Labour law.

Workstem system provides "time report", which can view the detailed working hours of employees in the past 4 weeks and the work arrangement for the next week, so as to quickly determine whether employees have met the 418 requirements and whether they need to adjust the schedule for the next week.

First step

Click Attendance > Reports > Hours report

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