An employee’s basic salary has changed from $12,000 to $15,000 in November. I modified his basic salary information in the employee file, but the calculated salary still shows $12,000. What should I do?

The revised salary does not take effect. You need to check whether the effective date of [Update Record] is correct.

Because the salary cycle in November is from 11/1-11/30, only the modified result can be effective in the salary calculation in November when the effective date is November 1st or before.

If an effective date error has occurred, you can click [Change] in the upper right corner of the employee file, select [Historical Record] for [Effective Type] in the pop-up dialog box, enter [2020-11-01] for [Effective Date], and click [OK]

In the pop-up [Update Record] dialog box, confirm that the [Effective Type], [Payroll Effective Date], and [Basic Salary] are correct and click [Save]

After completing the above operations, the system will insert a correct change record in the [Update Record]

Click [Recalculate] on the pay run interface and recalculate the salary data to be correct

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