After the employee clocks in and out, the system will calculate the daily attendance according to the employee's daily shift, and calculate the actual attendance of the month by month. As an HR/supervisor, you can view it in the attendance overview on the web.

The specific process is as follows:

HR/Supervisor logs in to the Web Workstem and opens [Attendance] > [Overview]. By default, the interface on the right will display 10 records per page, showing the total attendance of all employees in the current month, including scheduled hours, hours worked, and overtime hours, etc.

The default time range will be displayed is the time of the current month, such as (2022-06-01 to 2022-06-30), but actually the system only counts the working hours from the first day of the month to yesterday.

If you want to view the employee's attendance summary data from the first day of the month to today, you need to click [Calculate] in the upper right corner, enter the first day of the month in the start time of the range column, and select the day's date in the end time and click [OK].

If you want to view the attendance summary data of other dates, you can press the [Filter] button, select the start date and end date under the scope column, and press the [OK] button.

If you find that the attendance hours do not match the actual situation, you can refer to "Check and Adjust Employee Attendance Data" to modify.

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