Step 1

Enter the home page of Workstem One App, click "Leave Approval" to view the "leave application pending approval" and the number of leave of your direct subordinates today and this week, as well as "view all leave forms".

Step 2

Click "view all leave forms" in, you can see all leave forms (approved, rejected, approval).

Note ⚠️ :

The documents with red dots in the approval state mean that they need your approval

Documents in approval status but without red dots represent:

You may have approved it, but someone else needs to approve it

Now others are in the process of approval, so far you have not approved.

Step 3

Click the request for leave to be approved, enter the details page, click "✅" or "❌" to approve, and add reasons for approval (fill in comments).

If a large number of applications need to be approved, you can use the Batch Approval function in the upper right corner. Click the dot before your name (check ☑️)

  • Select the employee, then click the green box "✅", batch consent

  • Select the employee, then click the red box "❌", batch disagree

Note ⚠️ : the batch approval page can only see the overview of the request for leave, not the details of the request for leave. If you need to read the details before you can approve the leave, you need to operate one by one

Other functions:

1. Check the process: here you can see the process of document approval (for example, this document has other employees, you can see the status of others' approval).

2. Fill in comments: You can fill in approval reasons or comments on this leave form. Comments can be made multiple times, and once a comment cannot be deleted, the information about your comment can be seen by applicants and other employees.

3. Leave calendar: You can see when and what kind of leave the employee is taking. By default, the system displays the calendar of the current month. To view other months, click the left and right arrows to switch months.

4. Screening the leave form: click the "Screening" button in the upper right corner to screen the type of leave and the status of the leave form, and quickly view the required documents. Through this function, you can help you more targeted approval, but also facilitate statistical analysis of employee leave data.

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