If you require employees to clock in/out, they can do so by using the Workstem One App. Workstem provides 3 ways to clock in/out that can fulfil your attendance tracking needs: GPS, Bluetooth, and QR Code.

Option 1: GPS

GPS time-tracking is the most common time tracking option and has a lot of advantages:

  • The biggest advantage is it's free! You don't need to purchase any extra equipment.

  • It supports clocking in/out from any location – whether it's a fixed location like your office headquarters or field work outside.

  • It supports remote employees clocking in/out at where they are working.

  • It supports accurate time-tracking and and location verification.

The only disadvantage of using GPS clock in/out is when using it in really crowded office locations where there are more GPS interruptions due to buildings being very close to each other. There might be a 250-500m deviation from the real location. So, it is best advised for you to set a wider clock in/out perimeter.

If your company or a specific work shift doesn't have very high standards for location accuracy, GPS is the best option for you!

Option 2: Bluetooth

Workstem Bluetooth time tracking uses a Bluetooth beacon that emits a signal that can be detected by your employees' smartphones.

The biggest advantage of using Bluetooth to clock in/out is its high accuracy since employees can only clock in/out when they are physically near the device. They will not be able to clock in/out when they are physically far away from the Bluetooth device.

For this time-tracking option, you can choose whether to set a permanent working location or not. For scenarios like an exhibit or pop-up store, you can just bring the tiny Bluetooth beacon to the place and let your employees clock in/out there

For Bluetooth clock in/out option, you are required to purchase a Bluetooth beacon from Workstem. Workstem Bluetooth beacon is:

  • Small and light – can be installed anywhere inside the office

  • Low energy consumption – can be used for 2-3 years without needing to charge or change battery

  • Bluetooth range is around 50-70m

Option 3: QR Code

Employees use their Workstem One App to scan the QR code generated by the Supervisor using their Workstem One App. This clock in/out option is highly flexible:

  • Don't need to set a fixed working location

  • Don't need to buy any hardware device

  • Staff can clock in/out anywhere, anytime near a supervisor – whose QR code was scanned will show in the web portal

  • QR code will automatically refresh every 1 minutes to avoid cheating

There are also certain limitations with QR Code option:

  • Only shows whose QR code was scanned and doesn't include precise location data

If your working location is at a really crowded place and there are supervisors / managers in that location consistently, using QR code to clock in/out is also a good, free alternative to using Bluetooth time-tracking.


The 3 options above can be used interchangeably, helping you increase the success rate and accuracy of employee attendance data. If a Bluetooth beacon is detected nearby, it will be prioritised first. If there is no Bluetooth beacon detected, GPS will be used. Finally, if even GPS fails, you can try using QR code time-tracking.

(Bluetooth > GPS > QR Code)

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