When employees use leave functions through mobile App, they can:

  1. Apply for leave

  2. Check leave balance

  3. Check approval status of leave application

  4. Cancel leave application

Login in the App, you can see [Apply] and [Balance].

Apply for Leave

Click [Apply for Leave], get on the page of [Leave Application].

Input application information on the page of [Leave Application]:

1. Type: the leave type that you can apply for. After you chose the leave type, you can see the leave balance of this leave type on the upper right-hand corner.

2. One Day / Multiple Days: if you apply for one day, you need to input leave date and time period (AM, PM, All Day); If you apply for multiple days, you need to input start time and end time

3. Duration: the system will help you calculate leave duration automatically

4. Reason (optional): reason for leave application

5. Upload (optional): upload the evidence of leave application. For example, you can upload sick note for sick leave

6. Choose Approver (optional): the default approver is your direct supervisor. There's no need for extra operation. If you need to add approver temporarily, the approver sequence is: your direct supervisor → your extra added approver

Notice ⚠️: If you choose multiple approvers, the final sequence will be the order that you select approvers.

If some special leave types that you are entitled to enjoy, such as maternity leave and work injury leave, are not shown in the application list, please contact HR to apply for them.

Check leave balance

Click [Leave Balance], in this page you will see the paid leave that you can apply for with leave balance information.

Press the module of one leave type, get in the leave application page of this leave type. For example, on [Leave Balance] page, you see there are 3.3 days for Annual Leave. Click on the page of [Leave Application], the item [Type] has been recognized as Annual Leave by the system automatically. There's no need to choose [Annual Leave] again.

Check if the leave application has been approved

When you want to know if your leave application has been approved by supervisor, click [More] > [Leave Approval], you can see all leave application records and approval status of every leave application (approved, denied, pending)

If you need to check approval details, you can click the one that you want to check. This page includes:

  • Leave Records: leave application details, check workflow, comments

  • Leave Calendar: check the leave application records more intuitively in the form of calendar

Cancel leave application

If there's any change of your leave application plan, or something wrong with your leave sheet content and you need edit, in the below two scenarios you can cancel your application:

  1. Your leave application has not been approved.

  2. Your leave application has been approved but it's not leave time yet

Get in the leave application details page, click [Cancel]. After it is canceled, the leave application record will be kept in the system, and the status will be adjusted as [Cancelled].

Notice ⚠️: If your leave application was approved and the leave time has passed, but in fact, you didn't take a rest, you need to contact HR to help you cancel in the back end.

Common Questions

If you think that you are entitled to have annual leave but the leave balance showed in the system is 0. You need to check if you belong to the below scenarios:

You are a newly joined employee, the company's HR manual stipulates that there is a trial period for new recruits and they cannot apply for some types of leave in the trial period.

At this moment, you can see all paid leave types on the page of [Leave Balance]. However, you cannot apply for these leave types in the trial period, so you cannot see the leave balance here (the leave balance will be shown as 0).

Take annual leave as an example, if your trial period is 3 months.

When you click [Apply for Leave] and get on the page of [Leave Application], you still can choose [Annual Leave] and see your leave quota. But when you click [Submit], the system will remind you that [This type of vacation is allowed 90 days after entry].

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