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Workstem 2.0.2 2023-12-04 Update Records
Workstem 2.0.2 2023-12-04 Update Records
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1.【Public Holiday】 -web-2024 holiday updated.

2. 【Attendance】- web - Overview - Bug fixed: If the overview page is switched to a page other than page 1 through staff ID search, no relevant employee attendance information can be found.

3.【Benefit】-web-Benefit File-The English of the file page is uniformly translated into Benefit File.

4.【Salary Type】-Web-Added salary type to the filtering conditions of timesheet and leave application pages.

5. [Employee Login] - web - Bug fixed: Activity Log is not displayed after ordinary employees log in on the web side.

6. [Schedule] - Web - Overview - In the filtering of the page, multiple selections can be made based on tag filtering and an employee has multiple tags. When filtering, you only need to include one of them to filter out the employee.

7. [Employee Management] - Web - Add the termination date and reason for resignation fields to the People List exported by employees.

8. [Employee Management]-web-The import and export function of employee files is limited to users assigned to the Admin and HR roles.

9. [Configuration Management]-web-Configuration import and export function adds configuration import and export of attendance items.

10. [Tax file]-web-tax file details, the region code defaults to Hong Kong.

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