Scenario: Salary is paid once a month. Duo to special reasons, it's necessary to pay twice in a certain natural month.

A retail company do payroll once a month, and the salary structure of the employee is "Basic salary+Commision". Influced by covid-19, and considering the increasing of living expenses, the employer decided to pay twice in January 2022 to solve urgent problems. Half of the salary is paid on January 16th according to attendance and performance, and the rest is paid on January 30th. In other months, pay monthly as usual. The setting procedure is as the follows:

First pay: use One-time Pay Run to pay half of the salary

Step 1:

Cllick「Payroll」>「Pay Run」>「One-time Pay Run」, fill in basic information, and the reason is 「One of payment」, then click 「One-time Pay Run」

Different from paying commission and basic salary twice a month, this case will pay the first half without clicking the advanced settings and choosing all the employees under this payroll policy. In real operation, customers can adjust the payroll period according to their needs.

Second pay: use "+new" to pay the rest of salary

Step 2:

Click「Payroll」>「Settings」>「Pay Items」>「+New」,the Pay Type is "deduction", and fill in other basic information on the page, then click 「Save」(No need to set the formula)

Step 3:

Click「Payroll」>「Variable Pay Items」, choose "Import" , and download template

Step 4:

Fill in the Net Pay in the employee's payslip obtained from the One-time Pay Run into the column of the new payment type of "deduction" in the fixed pay item template.

Step 5:

Click「Payroll」>「Pay Run」>「+New」, no need to do extra operation

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