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When pay run, we occasionally encounter the situation that the previous month's attendance or holiday data is incorrect, which leads to more or less deduction of salary. So it needs to repay or deduct the previous month's salary in this month.

The system can support this situation, and the difference in last month's salary can be paid back through the following steps:

  1. Add new pay item as Backpay

  2. Enter the amount of Backpay in variable pay items

  3. Perform pay run calculations

step 1

Add a new pay item as Backpay to the [Pay Items], and select the payment type "Income".

Note: If it is a deduction, the payment type must be [Deduction]

Step 2

Enter the amount of Backpay in the current month and the date of occurrence in the variable pay items. For example, if the salary for October is reissued in November, enter the date of November.

Step 3

Follow the regular process to perform the pay run calculation. If you want employees to view the Backpay details in the payslip, you can set Backpay as a display item in the [Payslip Display].

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