Workstem provides Configuration Management function. You can export the configuration information of a existing tenant and import the configuration information of a new tenant. Detailed functions are described as follows:

Step 1

A existing tenant [Settings] > [Configuration management] > [Config Export] > [Export].

You can export related configuration items as required. By default, all configuration items are exported. Select advanced mode if necessary.

Step 2

Open a new tenant [Settings] > [Configuration management] > [Config import] > [Import].

Select the corresponding exported items when importing. By default, all configurations items are imported. Select advanced mode if necessary.


1. Only administrators have the right to perform [Configuration management] operations. If not, [Configuration management] operations will be not allowed to perform.

2. The “preset data language” of the exported and imported tenants must be the same. If not, the system will not match the corresponding fields and pop up “the tenant language is different and cannot be imported”.

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