Reasons for adding clock-in working locations:

1. Better enjoy the function of Attendance:

  • Required setting in GPS clock in

  • Includes Bluetooth clock-in locations

2. More convenient to manage employees' information and data:

  • When completing employees' files, if you need to set the clock-in locations, you should first set it here.

  • After setting the working locations for employees, you can take locations as a filter to view data including employee information, schedules, attendance, holidays, salary, etc.

  • When bulk importing shifts or downloading data , you can select according to different locations conveniently.

If you neither need to use Attendance or clock-in function, nor do you have employees working in multiple office locations, you don't need to set up clock-in locations.

How to Add Locations:

Step 1

[Company] >[Location]>[New]

Step 2

Fill in the Address Display Name (required) and Code (optional), and click Choose location by Google Map

Step 3

Fill the name of clock-in locations in the red field, the system will automatically generate the Full Address

Step 4

In GPS Clock-in Perimeter, you can set the clock-in range and the default perimeter is 500 meters. You can select 100m, 250m, 500m or 1000m for your actual needs >[OK]

Notice ⚠️ : In order to improve the success rate of clock-in, 500m is recommended. If the office/store is large, the GPS map may have deviation. Therefore, the clock in may fail.

Step 5

Click [Save] > [Successfully Saved ] means you have added clock-in working locations successfully

If you have multiple working locations, you can add them all.

Notice ⚠️ : Each office location supports custom rules for clocking in, if necessary, you can refer to the settings: How to Customise Attendance Rules?

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