When viewing the attendance data on the App or Web, we can see the status displayed at the end of the data. The common status are as follows:

  1. Normal

  2. Late: clock in later than scheduled working time

  3. Early Leave: clock out earlier than scheduled working time

  4. Field Work: clock in/out outside the designated working location

But sometimes when checking the attendance data, some of the clock-in/out status are not displayed, why?

The status of the attendance data is automatically calculated by the system at the moment when the employees clock in on the App. The status will be empty in the following cases:

1. When supervisors haven't scheduled, the employees clock in/out on the App, The system can't calculate it, so the attendance status will be displayed empty.

Because the attendance data is calculated instantly after clocking in/out, the "status" of the attendance data will not be refreshed even if the shift is scheduled after clocking in/out. But the final working hours will not be affected by the shift scheduled after clocking in/out, i.e. the actual working hours of employees will be calculated normally even if the shift is scheduled after clocking in/out.

2、If the time the employee clocks in/out exceeds the valid clock-in/out time, the status will not be calculated.

For example, if the "Effective Clock In Start Time" is set to 240 minutes in the attendance rule, it means that the employee can only clock in within 240 minutes before 9:00, i.e. after 5:00, and if the employee clocked in at 4:30, the clock in data will be counted as invalid in the system.

3、If the data recorded in the system is not by the app, but imported from excel, the status of the clock in/out data will also not be displayed.


The 「status」 of the attendance data is the result instantly calculated by clocking in/out, which can only represent the status at that time. Whether the clock in/ out data is imported, the shift is scheduled after clocking in/out, or the shift is modified after clocking in/out, the actual working hours will be calculated by the system according to the latest information.

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