Employees need to apply for leave when feeling sick. There are three different types of sick leave created in the system: sick leave, sick leave (>= 4 consecutive days), and full paid sick leave. The three types of sick leave have different calculation methods of balance and payroll, which can meet different application scenarios.

Sick Leave

Employers have to approve the leave application if an employee applies for leave when feeling sick and provides a medical certificate. But if the employee applies for a sick leave of less than 4 consecutive days, then employers may approve his/her leave application without pay. And there is no limit to the leave balance.

Sick Leave (>= 4 Consecutive Days)

When an employee provides a medical certificate due to medical conditions and needs to apply for leave of 4 days or more, employers are required to pay 4/5 of the employee's average daily wage as sickness allowance.

There is a limited balance of the sick leave. According to the Employment Ordinance,

an employee under a continuous contract of employment will be entitled to 2 paid sick leave days for each month worked in the first year of employment. After that, each working month can accumulate 4 days. Paid sick leave may continue to accumulate throughout employment but may not exceed 120 days at any time.

Full Paid Sick Leave

Some companies give employees 1-2 days of sick leave with full pay per month, which is not required by labour law and is considered as employee welfare leave.

Leave Type Settings

These three different leaves are applicable to different scenarios and have different settings in the leave type, as shown in the following picture:

Since employees may not know which leave type to choose when applying for leaves, it is recommended that only sick leave be set as "Applicable by Employees" and the other two leave types are set as "Not Applicable by Employees". In this way, employees can only choose sick leave when applying for leave through mobile App. HR will check the leave balance at the end of the month and then change the leave type to the correct data.

Leave Policy Settings

Sick leave is a no-limit leave, and there is no need to set the balance generation method.

The system has been built in accordance with the labour law to calculate the balance for Sick Leave (>= 4 Consecutive Days), which is no need to change.

For Full Paid Sick Leave, enter 1 or 2 in "No. of one-time leave days" according to the actual situation of the company, and select "fixed monthly" as Issuance Frequency.

The above is the difference between Sick Leave, Sick Leave (>= 4 Consecutive Days), and Full Paid Sick Leave, which you can set according to the actual situation in your company.

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