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Settings for Special Leave Types
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In daily management, there are some special leave types that HR need to do special settings and maintenance. Here we take sick leave, maternity leave and work injury leave as examples to share how to manage these leave types with Workstem.

Sick Leave

According to rules of Sickness Allowance in Employment Ordinance, sick leave can be divided into no pay leave and sick leave (>= 4 consecutive days). Many companies give employees fixed 1-2 days of full paid sick leave as extra welfare every month. Thus, there are 3 leave types related to sick leave:

  • Sick Leave (SL)

  • Sick Leave(>= 4 consecutive days) (SL4/5)

  • Full Paid Sick Leave (FPSL)

If employees have access to apply for all these 3 leave types, they may can not choose the right one that they should apply for, especially for SL4/5.

To avoid incorrect application, the common approach is to set Sick Leave as No Pay Leave for employees to apply for. Before every month's payroll calculation, HR could adjust the sick leave into full pay leave or consecutive sick leave in daily maintenance based on actual situation.

Detailed Operation Process is as follows:

After you get into the page of Leave Type Settings,

1. Check setting of sick leave - choose no pay leave in [Paid Leave], applicable by Employee, choose [Unlimited Leave] in [Leave Balance Calculation Formula]

2. Check if Sick Leave(>= 4 consecutive days) setting is as follows:

  • Paid Leave, not applicable for employee, and choose [lasted sick leave] in [Leave Balance Calculation Formula].

3. Check setting of Full Paid SL - Paid Leave, not applicable for employee, and choose [Fixed Yearly/Monthly Quota] in [Leave Balance Calculation Formula]

After you finished above settings, employee can only see the option of [Sick Leave] when they apply for leave on mobile App.

Before every month's actual sick leave situation, HR can:

  • If the employee has unused full paid sick leave quota, adjust no pay sick leave application as full paid sick leave.

  • If the employee applied for sick leave with >= 4 days, adjust this sick leave as consecutive sick leave.

Detailed Operations of Adjustment:

Click [Leave] > [Leave Application], choose approved sick leave application and click [View], change the [Leave Type] and Click [Save].

Notice ⚠️: If you also use our payroll module, please check and make adjustment before payroll calculation. Otherwise, the system will deduct salary for all no pay leaves when calculating payroll.

Maternity Leave and Work Injury Leave

Maternity Leave and Work Injury Leave are neither commonly used nor applicable for every employee. We suggest you set [Applicable by Employee?] as no.

If employee need to apply for these two leave types, they can inform HR of creating leave application options.

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