The salary settlement time of resigned employee may be different from the normal employee, and it needs to be settled in advance. How to deal with this situation?

We can use the [One-time Pay Run] function to calculate the salary of the resigned employee. The employee needs to be completed the resignation process before starting the calculation of the salary. This article details how to calculate the salary of the resigned employee.

step 1

In the [Pay Run], click the [One-time Pay Run] button

Step 2

In the [Pay Run] interface, enter the [Name] and [Payroll Policy] to select the policy for the resigned employee, select [Final Pay] for [Reason], and select [Former employees under this pay rule] under the [Employees included in this pay run] column.

Step 3

Press the [Calculate] button in the upper right corner to start the calculation

The next steps are the same as normal salary calculations. After confirming that the calculation data is correct, press [Submit] > [Pay].

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