Some employees go to work, but the attendance hours of the day are [0] or [Absent] may be caused by the following reasons:

  • The employee forgot to clock-in on the day

  • The employee has clocked as fieldwork, the reason can be referred to Why is "Fieldwork" Displayed After Clock-in/out

  • The employee clicked on "Clock out" when they are actually Clocking in

  • The employee only clocks one time

If the attendance hours of the day is [0] or [Absent] status occurs, the following may be affected:

  • Incomplete attendance record

  • For hourly or daily salary employees, the lack of clock-in data will result in calculation errors

  • Some companies have an [Attendance Bonus]. If there is no clock-in record, they might not be eligible for it.

When an employee reports that he/she had clocked-in, but the attendance shows [0], you can check the employee's clocking record in the system and find out the reason.

Employees check their clock-in records through the Workstem One App

The employee finds the shift information on the specified date in the Workstem One App > [Clock-in] > and clicks to enter the shift details. You can see all the clock-in records of the day and confirm whether there are clock-in and clock-out record for that day, and whether the clock-in record is shown as fieldwork.

The supervisor checks the employee clock-in record through the Workstem One App

The supervisor finds the employee's shift information on the specified date in the Workstem One App > [Attendance] >, click to enter the shift details, and then you can see all the employee's clock-in records for that day, and confirm whether there are clock-in and clock-out records, and whether the clock-in record is shown as fieldwork.

HR/Admin checks employee clock-in records through the Web portal

HR/Admin login to the web portal, open [Attendance] > [Attendance Data] and find the employee's clock-in record for the day, and confirm whether there are clock-in and clock-out record, and whether the clock-in record is shown as fieldwork.

Note ⚠️:

The system will automatically calculate the attendance data of the previous day. If the employee completed the normal clocking, the actual attendance hours will be displayed on the next day by default. If you want to view the actual attendance hours on that day, you need to go in [Attendance] > [Overview] > Click [Calculate], and select the date of today as the end date in the time range, and click [OK].

In the case where it is confirmed that the employee is attending normally but the attendance hours are [0] due to a clock-in error, the employee's working hours can be adjusted through the following methods:

Method 1: The employee himself applies for the [Compensatory timesheet] in the Workstem One App

Step 1

The employee logs in to the Workstem One App and clicks the [Timesheet] or clicks [Calendar] > selects date > [Timesheet] > fills in the info of "Type", "Start Time", "End Time" and so on > [Save]

Note ⚠️:

If the meal break needs to be deducted during the shift, you need to enter the timesheet separately according to the actual break time. Example: Working hours are 9:00-18:00, there is one hour meal break at noon, and the actual attendance hours are 8 hours, you need to submit two timesheet application, the first is from 09:00-12:00, and the second is from 13:00-18:00.

Step 2

After the employee submits the application, the supervisor logs in to the App, clicks on the [Timesheet] on the home page, and opens the timesheet record in the pending timesheet approval list to approve the employee's timesheet. Tap the green [✓] button to approve, click the red [X] button to reject.

Method 2: HR/Admin manually modify the employee's attendance hours in the web portal

If HR/Admin makes adjustments by themselves there is no need for employees to submit timesheet applications in the Staff App.

Step 1

Go to the [Attendance] > [Overview] page, select [View], or double-click the employee's name to enter the page of the employee you want to adjust the attendance hours.

Step 2

Find the record of the employee's actual attendance hours with errors, click [Edit] to adjust the final working hours and click [Save].

Note ⚠️:

Manually modifying the employee's attendance hours through the web portal will not overwrite the original attendance status. For example, when the original employee's attendance status is [Absent], even if the attendance hours are manually modified, the system will retain the original status. When the attendance hours are modified through the timesheet application, the original attendance status will be overwritten, that is, the attendance status will be shown [Normal] after the employee has made up the attendance hours.

To sum up:

You can record the reason for the overtime and the process of supervisor approval. Adjusting the hours through the web portal of Workstem can be done in bulk and is simple and fast, but you cannot record the details of the overtime. You can choose a solution according to the management needs of the company.

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