Common reasons that leads to a "Fieldwork" status after clock-in/out:

  1. The supervisor did not assign shifts for the employee before they clock-in

  2. There is no work location assigned in the shift and employee profiles.

  3. The location of the employee when he clocked in was not within the GPS range set in [Company] > [Location]

  4. [Company] > [Location], GPS is not enabled

  5. If you use a Bluetooth device to clock-in, and the phone’s Bluetooth is not turned on when clocking-in.


If you are not within the GPS or Bluetooth range of your office location when you clock-in, the system will record this type of clocking as fieldwork.

If there's a prompt saying [Out of Range] when employees clock-in, the clock-in is then recorded as a fieldwork by the system:

Please check the following settings according to your own clock-in method to avoid field work clocking next time:

Using GPS to clock-in:

1. No clock-in location is added to the employee profiles and shifts: you can set one of the places as the designated clock-in location in either the [People] or the [Schedule]

2. The company's office clock-in point has not been enabled for GPS clock-in: you can also refer to Add Work Location for details.

3. Mobile phone GPS signal is weak, unable to accurately locate the current office location: GPS signal is relatively weak, you can increase the GPS clocking range accordingly.

Using Bluetooth to clock in:

1. Bluetooth is not recognized by the mobile phone, and GPS is used to clock in instead: check the Bluetooth settings before clocking-in next time

2. The Bluetooth device has a work location added, but neither the employee file nor the shift has a work location: you can set one of the places as the designated clock-in location in both the [People] or the [Schedule]

Check whether the Bluetooth device has been added to a work location:

Add work location to employees in [People]

Or add work location to shift in [Schedule]:

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