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Change or Cancel the Subscription Plan
Change or Cancel the Subscription Plan

Subscription plan introduction & how to upgrade and cancel the subscription plan

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Subscription plan introduction

We currently have three subscription plans for small, medium and micro enterprises (free version, Attendance Plus and Payroll Pro) and also the enterprise version for more than 100 people.

Upgrade subscription plan

After your trial period ends, you can upgrade the subscription plan at any time, or upgrade from the current plan to a higher level:

Step 1

Go to [Settings] > [Subscription Plan] > click [Upgrade Now]

Step 2

Select the name of the plan that needs to be upgraded, payment mode, and enter the number of people. The system will automatically calculate the total amount to be paid on the right, and click [Continue] to enter the payment page

The account will be upgraded immediately after a successful payment. When deciding to upgrade, the subscribed plan must be [more than the number of users on the current account] and [in multiples of 5] to subscribe.

For example, if the current number of employees is 18 when upgrading to a paid plan, you will be charged the amount for 20 headcounts.

Cancel subscription plan

You can cancel the subscription plan at any time, but the current function will not be stopped immediately. It will stop one day after the original renewal date.

For example, June 25th is the renewal date. If you cancel the subscription plan on June 20th, you can still use the current plan from June 20th to 25th. On the 26th, it will be downgraded to the free version and the system will no longer make any charges.

Step 1

Go to [Settings] > [Subscription Plan]

Step 2

Pull to the bottom of the page > click [Cancel Subscription] to cancel the current subscription plan.

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