After calculating the pay run in Workstem, can the employees view their payslips through Workstem One App?

Of course yes. If you use our system to calculate the employee's payroll, the employee can view or download their Payslips through Workstem One App after the Pay Run is in "Paid" status.

The detailed step is as follows:

Employees log in to Workstem One App and click on [More] > click [Payslip] button to view their payslip.


Employees can only view the Payslip of the pay runs that are already in "Paid" status, the pay runs that are still in the "Draft" or "Pending Review" status will not be displayed.

Enter the [Payslip] list page and you can see all paid pay run records

Click the payslip you want to view, you can enter the payslip details page, privacy mode is set by default and the amount is displayed as **. Press [View/Hide] to display all the pay item details.

The [Net Pay] will be displayed on the top of the payslip, and then the [Income], [Deductions], and [Others] items are displayed according to the display orders set in the system.

Click the [Download Payslip] button to open the payslip in PDF format. Click [Shared] to send the payslip to other locations via email or SMS.

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