Payslips can be accessed from:

  • Employees can view and download their own payslip through the Staff app

  • Admin/HR can download all employees’ payslips through the web portal

The style of the payslip is built in the system, but the displayed items and the order of the items can be adjusted.

This article will introduce in detail how to set up employee payslip displays.

Step 1

Click on [Payslip] > [Settings] > [Payslip Display] settings

Step 2

On the [Payslip Display] page, the left side is [All Pay Items], the right side is [Display Pay Items], select the pay item that needs to be displayed in the payslip and drag it to the right

Step 3

If you want to adjust the display order of items, just drag up and down in [Show Pay Items on Payslip]

For [The selected item will not show up in the payslip when the amount is zero] option, default is [No], which means that the pay items will be displayed in the payroll whether the pay item amount is zero or not,

If set to [Yes], the name of the pay item whose item amount is zero will not be displayed in the payslip

After completing the above settings, press [Save] to take effect.

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