Step 1

Go to Payroll > Settings > Payroll Policy

Step 2

Click on +New

Step 3

You can add multiple payroll policies according to employment type, position, etc., even for one employee. 

Step 4

Back to Settings > Pay Items
Tips: You can also add unlimited pay items 

Step 5

Click on "+New"

Step 6

  • Formula Alias: This name appears under the name you enter in the Name field (No spacebar between words) 

  • Pay Type: Choose whether it is Income/Deduction/Others

  • Choose Applicable Policy: You can apply this pay item to multiple payroll policies

Step 7

Go to these Settings

  1. Tax Return

  2. Benefit Income

  3. Average Daily Wage (ADW)

Step 8

It is similar with Excel to create formula (optional) 

Step 9

Review your Settings

Step 10

Back to Settings > Payslip Display

Step 11

Drag what you want your employee see in their mobile apps one by one from All Pay Items to Show Pay Items on Payslip. You also can drag to sort order.

Step 12 (Optional)

Back to Settings > Customize Items
Go to this settings when you have different types of commission

Step 13 (Important)

After finishing all the steps, go to People > Staff Information > Change > Choose Effective type and date > Click on Save

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