If it is not convenient for employees to use email to [Receive Verification Code], you can use your mobile phone number to verify and log in to the App.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

Enter the email and phone number of the employee when adding an employee

Note ⚠️:

Email is the only credential to log in to the system and is a required field. If the employee does not have an email address, please refer to below article:

What to do if the employee doesn’t have an email address?

Step 2

Open the App, enter the email address in the staff information on the login interface with verification code > change the mailbox icon to the phone icon> get the verification code

Step 3

After the verification code is sent successfully, the employee’s mobile phone will receive a verification code message, enter the six-digit verification code in the App login interface, and click [Login] to successfully log in to the system

Step 4

After the first login is successful, a password setting interface will pop up, you can set a login password, and then you can use the login password to log in to the App later

Note ⚠️:

You can use your mobile phone number to receive a verification code, but you still have to enter your email address when logging in

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