When creating employee profiles, you need to input a valid email address for each employee. In the system, email address is used:

1. As the account name and unique identifier for each employee

2. To receive verification codes when employees forgot their passwords or have not set passwords but changed mobile numbers

Therefore, it is necessary for each employee to have a valid email address input in the system.

If an employee in your company does not have an email account, HR can register a Gmail to help all employees create a virtual mailbox for logging in to Workstem. When employees need email verification code, they can contact HR to obtain it. We suggest that the following methods can be used for unified management of employees:

Set email alias for users

As an administrator, you can create an alternate email address (email alias) for a user so they can send and receive email from another address. You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user at no extra cost.

Send mail via email alias

1. The company's HR/ administrator uses an existing Gmail account or creates a new Gmail account (e.g. Companyxxx@gmail.com), this account will be used as the primary email address to receive all employee verification codes. This email address will be used as the user email address for [users] and HR/ administrator in employee profiles.

2. When creating profiles, input the email addresses with the format as: “account name” & “+” & “Staff ID/Other identifier”&“@gmail.com” for each

employee. (e.g. Companyxxx+001@gmail.com, Companyxxx+002@gmail.com)

3. Employees use these accounts to log in and use the system by obtaining the verification code through the App. If necessary, HR/ administrator can collect verification codes for employees through the main email (Companyxxx@gmail.com) and notify employees.

4. You can see that the verification code obtained through Companyxxx+001@gmail can also be received by the main email address Companyxxx@gmail.com.

5. Enter the verification code and log in to the system. The system automatically switches to the Change Password page to help you set a Password.

Note: Employees can use their phone numbers to verify and log in to the App, but they still have to enter their email addresses for their account names when logging in.

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