When creating employee profiles, you need to input a valid email address for each employee. In the system, email address is used:

  1. As the account name and unique identifier for each employee

  2. To receive verification codes when employees forgot their passwords or have not set passwords but changed mobile numbers

Therefore, it is necessary for each employee to have a valid email address input in the system.

If the employee does not have an email address, we suggest to manage the accounts by following steps:

  1. Company HR/Admin uses a current Gmail account, or creates a new Gmail account (e.g. workstem@gmail.com), as the master account to manage and receive the verification codes for everyone.

2. When creating profiles, input the email addresses with the format as: “master

account name” & “+” & “Staff ID/Other identifier” & “@gmail.com” for each

employee. (e.g. workstem+001@gmail.com, workstem+002@gmail.com)

3. Employees will use the above email addresses as account names to login.

Whenever necessary, the Company HR/Admin can use the master account

(workstem@gmail.com) to receive the verification codes and notify the


Note: Employees are able to use SMS verification codes to login, but email addresses will always be used as the account name when logging in.

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