After you finished Leave Policy setting, you need to assign leave policy for every employee. To make sure that you generate the right leave quota, please read this article carefully.

Step1 - Staff List

You can see Staff List and Leave Type after getting into [Leave Balance]. For the first time to set, the column of [Leave Policy] is blank (in red box) without any data.

Notice⚠️ : The Leave Type with leave balance calculation formula of Unlimited Leave will not show up here.

Step 2 - Get Into the Page of Employee's Leave Balance and Choose Leave Policy

Double click the bar of employee or click [View] , get into the page of [Leave Balance Details]. Choose corresponding leave policy for employee and click [Save] on the upper right hand corner.

With the same step, assign applicable leave policy for every employee.

Step 3 - Generate Leave Quota for the First Time

After you assigned leave policy for all employees, the system will refresh leave quota after 24 hours.

If you want to look up the leave quota immediately, you can click the button [Recalculate] on the upper right hand corner > there's no need to fill in any information in the pop-up page, click [OK]. The system will generate leave quota for all leave types in [Leave].

After the leave quota is generated, you can see leave quota data both in the page of employee list and the page of leave quota details.

Page of employee list:

Page of leave quota details:

The system will generate leave quota for the time being according to the leave policy you set for the employee, for example:

  • Leave type issued by year will generate one year's quota in one go
  • Leave type issued by month will generate the quota only for the current month.

Notice ⚠️ :

  1. The employees who joined in the company this year may have different leave quota than employees that joined in the company last year. For example, with leave type issued by year, the new hires will get the pro rata leave quota instead of entire leave quota for one year.
  2. The leave quota generated by the system for the first time may not be the exact employee's leave quota at the moment, because:
  • For leave type issued by month, the system will not generate leave quota of previous months before you use Workstem System.
  • Employees may have used part of leave quota before they use the system.

At this moment, you need to adjust manually to make sure every employee's leave quota in the system matches their actual quota.

Step 4 - Adjust the Leave Quota in the System to Match Employee's Actual Quota (Keypoint)

For different needs, there are two ways to make adjustment manually:

1. You only need to update employee's current actual leave quota into the system. There's no need to record previous leave application in the system. The most convenient way is to make [New] adjustment in page of [Leave Balance Details]

Operation Steps:

Get in the page of [Leave Balance], choose the leave type needed to be adjusted (the system will show the first leave type by default. You can click the leave type name to change it).

Next, get in the page of [Leave Balance Details], you can see [Leave Balance Record] below > add [New] record

Input [Amount] and [Reason], and click [Save]

The positive number in [Amount] means quota addition and the negative number means quota deduction. The system will update the available quota after you saved it.

  • If the available leave quota calculated by system is 3 days less than the actual, you can input 3 in [amount]
  • If the available leave quota calculated by system is 3 days more than the actual, you can input -3 in [amount]

The system will save all manual operation records, including time, reason and amount.

2. If you need to add all information including data of previous months before you start to use Workstem into the system, such as leave quota of every month, all leave applications, etc. You can use the function of [Recalculate] to generate the leave quota of previous months and add in leave application records through [Leave Application] module.

Operation Step 1: Generate leave quota of other months

  • Get in the page of Leave Balance, click [Recalculate] on the upper right hand corner > the [Calculate] page will pop up
  • Click [Advanced Settings] > choose [start date] of calculation (the last day of the chosen month)
  • Click [OK], the system will generate leave quota of the chosen month according to the system settings
  • Repeat the above operation to generate leave quota for multiple months
  • You can see the generated records in the page of [Leave Balance Details] (Description: Sys Generated; Reason: Sys Create)

Operation Step 2: Add in Leave Application Records

Get in [Leave application], click [+New]

After you check the leave quota and make sure there's no mistake, you can start to instruct your employee to apply for leave on mobile App. We prepared detailed employee training content, please refer:

  • [Employee] How to Apply for Leave with Staff App
  • [Supervisor] How approve Staff's Leave Application with Supervisor App

There are more contents to help you manage staff leave more efficiently.

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