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How to Generate One-time Leave on a Monthly Basis?
How to Generate One-time Leave on a Monthly Basis?
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Some companies may have this need when managing leave: A fixed full-pay sick leave is given to employees every month, which can be used in the current month, and remaining balance cannot be carried to the next month.

Workstem supports this kind of leave type, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click [Leave] > [Leave Type] > click the [+Add] button to add a new leave type, and select [One-time Leave] for [Leave Balance Calculation Formula]

Step 2

Click [Leave Policy], select the leave policy you want to modify, and click the [Edit] button

Step 3

In page 4 of the leave policy setting, click [Add Leave Type], select the leave type added in step 1 from the drop-down [Name], set the [Total Leave Entitlement (in days)] and [Frequency] set it to [Fixed monthly], then [Save] it

Step 4

Click on [Leave Balance] and press the [Recalculate] button to recalculate the leave quota. In the [Leave Balance Record] you can see that a leave quota is generated in the current month, and the balance will be generated once a month from the start of join date.


According to policy settings, a fixed record of [Full-pay Sick Leave] quota can be generated every month. If there is a supplementary application or application for leave in advance, such as making up the September leave record in October, or applying for November leave in advance in October. Records will deduct the leave quota for the month of October. If you still need this leave type in October, you need to manually add the current month's quota through the [Add Adjustment] function.

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