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Some companies may have this need when managing leave: How to Give Employees One Day of Birthday Leave Per Year?

Workstem supports this kind of leave type, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click [Leave] > [Leave Type] > click the [+Add] button to add a new leave type, and select [Fixed Yearly/Monthly Quota] for [Leave Balance Calculation Formula]

Step 2

Click [Leave Policy], select the leave policy you want to modify, and click the [Edit] button.

Step 3

In page 4 of the leave policy setting, click [Add Leave Type], select the leave type added in step 1 from the drop-down [Name], set the [Total Leave Entitlement (in days)] and [Pro Rata Calculation Method] set it to [year-cal], [Cycle Start Date] then [Save] it.

Step 4

Click on [Leave Balance] and press the [Recalculate] button to recalculate the leave quota. In the [Leave Balance Record] you can see that a leave quota is generated, and the balance is 1.

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