This article explains how you can look up employee's past clock-in/out data, helping you:

1. Check employee's clock in/out records

  • If your staff clocked in/out using GPS, you can check the actual GPS coordinates.

  • If your staff clocked in/out using Bluetooth, you can check the specific Bluetooth beacon used.

  • If your staff clocked in/out with QR code, you can find the supervisor who generated the QR code.

2.Check who's late / absent / early leave

Check the Clock In/Out Raw Data

Under "Attendance", go to "Attendance Data". You will then be able to see:

1. Staff Information: Name, Staff ID, Department

2. Clock In/Out Time: Staff's actual clock-in/out time (you can sort by time)

3. Attendance Type: Clock-in or Clock-out

4. Clock In/Out Method:

  • If employees clocked in/out with GPS, it will show the GPS longitude and latitude

  • If employees clocked in/out with Bluetooth beacon, it will show the name of the Bluetooth beacon

  • If employees clocked in/out with QR code, it will show the supervisor who generated the QR Code

5. Status: Regular, Late, or Early Leave

Look Up Data

1. You can choose how many rows of data to show in one page.

You can set how many rows of clock in/out data to show at the bottom right. The system will show 10 rows of data per page by default.

By default, the data will be sorted by time from the latest.

2. You can filter the data

You can filter out the data you want quickly by pressing the [Filter] button on the upper left hand corner. You can filter according to:

  • Department

  • Position

  • Na

  • Employment Type

You can set single filters or multiple filters for more granularity. For example, if you want to look up the clock in/out data of all part time staff in the "Sales" department, you just need to choose "Sales" for Department and "Part Time" for Employment Type and click [OK].

3.Look Up Unusual Attendance Records

By default, when you open the "Attendance Data" page, you will see all of the clock in/out records. If you want to look up "unusual attendance records" quickly, just switch to the [Unusual Attendance Record] tab – all late/early leave records will be filtered out immediately.

4. Export Data into Excel

If you want to export the data you're looking at into an Excel file, you can just select all of the data (cmd + a or ctrl + a) on the page and then copy paste it into an Excel / Google Sheet file.

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