How to Let Employee Use GPS/QR Code/Bluetooth Device to Clock In/Out?

Tracking time for staffs is so easy.

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You can use 3 methods to clock in/out at the same time:

  1. If you enable GPS and bluetooth device at the same time, it will show bluetooth device on the phone;

  2. If you disabled GPS, and the phone detected your bluetooth device, it will clock in/out with the bluetooth device;

  3. If you disabled GPS, and the phone failed to detect your bluetooth device, it will show the fieldwork option;

  4. QR Code is standalone, it will not be affected by your GPS or bluetooth device settings at all.


Step 1

Go to Company > Click on Work Location > Select work location > Click on Edit

Step 2

Check if the "Activate GPS" button is turned on

Step 3

Click "Choose location by Google Map"

Select GPS Clock-in Perimeter

Step 4

Go to People > Choose selected employee > Click on Employment & Payroll Information > Click on Change

Step 5

Add the location and click on Save

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QR Code

Employee can scan the QR Code on Supervisor's Workstem One App to clock in/out.
⚠️ QR Code will be refreshed every minute

Bluetooth Device

⚠️ Please turn on Location Service if your phone uses Android 6.0 and above

Step 1

Finish the bluetooth settings first, and just turn on Bluetooth without connecting on the phone.

Step 2

Open Workstem One App > Click on Clock in/out

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