How to do final pay for employees?
The purpose of this article is to explain how to use the Workstem to do final payroll calculation for the terminated employee?
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How does Workstem calculate final payroll?

● Step 1: Go to employees and locate the leaving employee. Click Staff Information and select "Terminate" on the right menu bar.

After filling in the Terminate Date, Reason and Notes, click "OK", you can see that the system displays the status of the employee under [Processing Termination].

⚠️Note: Do not click "Finish Termination" before completing pay run for the resigning employee. After the pay run is completed, return to this page and click "Finish Termination".

● Step 2: Go to Payroll > Pay run;

Click "One-time Pay Run" in the upper right corner.

● Step3: Fill in the basic information of pay run and click calculate. (including name, payroll policy, pay day, pay period, reasons, here you can choose "Final pay")

● Step 4: Click "View" to check the calculation result.

If there is no error, click Submit.

Then final pay to this terminated employee.

Don't forget to "Close" this one-time pay run after paying.

● Step 5: After the above steps, you have completed the employee's final pay, click on the left to return to the people page in the Processing Termination, select this employee.

Click "Finish Termination" , the employee's satff information will be "Resign".

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