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Industry Reference- Setting
Industry Reference- Setting

Before using "HR Analytics", we need to finish the setting of industry reference.

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The function allows you to record statistics of the highest, lowest, and median salary data for the same industry standard position in various periods obtained from the market, and maps to similar position salary data for the company as an analogy, to provide managers as a reference for salary data.

Step 1

Go to [HR Analytics] > [Setting] and click the [Settings] button in the lower right corner.

Step 2

At the [Industry Reference Setting] page, click [+ New] and see the interface of [New-Industry Reference Setting] .

Step 3

You can set the [Year] and [Month] of the industry reference here as a time reference for analysis.

Then we need to choose the mapped position at the company to compare with the industry standard position.

Step 4

At last, we can select the corresponding or similar industry standard position and set the salary data based on relevant information.

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