Enterprises M needs to file taxes through the Workstem system, and we will explain that what needs to be paid attention to in the process of filing taxes.

The return on remuneration and pensions is only applicable to employees who are still employed on 31 March. (if you have reported the remuneration to the inland revenue department in form IR56F/G, do not complete form IR56B again.)

Step 1

“Tax” > “Settings” > “Edit” > “Enable”

Step 2

Enter the IR56B details interface, in the income category a, b, c, d... Each item of "Income Additions" and "Income Deductions" must be set according to the actual situation > "Save"

Note: Before calculation, be sure to check whether the employee's file is filled in completely. Click "File" to view all employees who need to file tax returns.

Check whether the employee’s personal information is complete. Click on "View" to enter the File Details interface "Edit". You need to fill in the employee's complete Personal Information (Chinese Name, Join Date, Position, English Last Name, English First Name, HKID, Passport No. (If no HKID), Passport Place of Issue, Sex, Marital Status, Residential Address, Region Code(required), Name of the principal employer, Tax Identity, Other Income Name, Postal Address), click "Save" after maintenance.

In addition, you need to check the company’s Basic Information settings "System Display Name", "BR Name", "BR No.", "Phone Number", "Email Address", "Company Address", and Employer's Return Form Info maintenance settings “Full Name of Signer”, “Designation”, “Employer's File No.”, and “Save” after the maintenance is completed.

Step 3

Click "Calculation" > "New" > select "Tax Form Type" as IR56B and the corresponding "Period" > "Confirm"

Step 4

Click "View" > View Tax Report Details > "Recalculate", "Add", "Delete", and "Close" operations can be performed.

Step 5

You can perform "Edit" and "Delete" operations on employees. Click "Edit" to maintain Staff Information, Income Details, Residential Address Details, and Other Details.

Note: For the maintenance of Staff Information, if the information is displayed in gray and it can not be edited, then you need to go to “People” to find the employee through the filter, and Edit.

In addition, if you modify the amount of the Income Details > "Save", to keep the employee's modified amount during "Recalculation", you need to click "Lock".

Step 6

To download the report, click "Reports" > select the corresponding report (IR56B) > When downloading (PDF format reports are provided for employees to view, XML format reports can be provided to the Inland Revenue Department for tax filing and uploaded to the electronic tax filing platform), select the corresponding "Cycle", "Form category" > "OK", the "Form category" provides four forms of Original (no need to modify, add or supplement), Replacement (need to modify the information in it), Additional (need to add some information), Supplementary (relevant information needs to be supplemented)

Step 7

After downloading the tax form in XML format, open it with a text editor and check whether the relevant content is complete and correct.

A common problem in this process:

This Error message prompts that AreaCodeResAddr is required and has a length of 1 byte, so the "Residential Address", "Region Code", and "Sex" information in the file needs to be maintained in the system.

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