How to Obtain the People's Salary Type When Setting the Calculation Formula.
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Supposing company A has both a monthly paid employee and the one who is daily paid, we need to calculate out the ADM hours value in this case depending on their salary type. How to achieve that in the workstem system?

Step 1

Click [Payroll]> [Setting] > [Pay item] > [Filter ATM] > [Formula].

Step 2

Click [Formula] > 「GetEmployeeInfo」> Click the small exclamation mark for more instructions about using this formula.

Step 3

Define the variable name as type and find GetEmployeeInfo(‘’) in the formula, following by chaging the parameter of the function to calculateSalaryType’,then it now enable to calculate out the value using type as a condition, finally click [Validate Formula]> [Save].


‘0’stands for monthly wage

‘1’stands for hourly wage

‘2’stands for yearly wage

‘3’stands for daily wage

‘4’stands for weekly wage

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