Quick Scheduling for Shift Employees

In some companies, such as manufacturing, retail, or clinics, employees work differently every day, and they work in shifts according to certain rules.

Take the nurses in the clinic as an example. Their working hours are generally divided into early shift (7:00-14:00), mid-shift (14:00-21:00) and overnight shift (21:00-07:00). The change table will be arranged in the form of "PAN three-day combination", that is, P shift on the first day, A shift on the second day, and N shift on the third day. This completes a PAN three-day combination cycle.

Workstem provides the function of copying shifts by time, which can help you quickly handle the daily shift schedule for shift work employees.

Step 1

Add three different shifts to the [Shift Template]

Step 2

In the schedule, assign employee A a three-day shift according to the shift rule, such as the early shift on December 1, Mid-shift on the 2nd, and Overnight shift on the 3rd.

Step 3

Click on [Bulk Settings] in the upper right corner --> [Copy shifts by time]

  • In the [Select Copy Source] interface, select "employee A" on the [People] column

  • In the [Select copy time] interface, select the start time of 2020/12/01-2020/12/03, the start date is the first day of the shift rule, and the end date is the last day of the shift rule

  • In the [Select paste time] interface, select 2020/12/04 as the start date and 2020/12/31 as the end date


  • The shifts of the copied and pasted "Start Date" are the same, and the system will shift from the first day of the pasted time according to the shift rule of the copy source

  • If there is a shift record before 2020/12/04-2020/12/31, you need to turn on [Replace all existing shift records], otherwise the system will add a record to the original record, causing an error

  • Click [OK] and complete the above steps to achieve that employees are scheduled for the entire month according to the shift work.

If there are other employees in the company whose working hours are exactly the same, you can also copy the employee's schedule record to other employees through [Copy shifts by person].

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