When a customer uses Workstem system to manage the employee’s leave balance, the details of the employee’s leave alance change can be seen on the [Leave Balance] interface. Now the system has added a leave balance report function, through which the employee’s leave balance details can be downloaded.

More details how to download the leave balance report as below:

step 1

Click [Leave] > [Reports], and click [Download] on the [Employee Leave Balance Report]

Step 2

In the [Download] dialog box, select "XLS" or "PDF" as the format, and select the leave type you want to view, such as [Annual leave]. If you want to download all employees' leave data, just click [OK].

If you only want to view the employee leave balance data of a certain department or a certain position, select the desired name in [Department] and [Position] and then press [OK]

Step 3

You can see the excel file of [Employee Leave Balance Report_Download Date] in the download file. Double-click to open it to view the employee’s leave balance details

Earned(+): The employee’s accumulated amount

Adjust(+): HR/Administrator's manual adjusted amount

Taken(-): The leave balance taken by the employee

Gave Up(-): Expired and unused leave balance

Balance: the current available leave balance

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