Why the Payroll Formula I Set Has not Taken Effect?
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The formula is set and verified successfully in the [Pay Item] settings, but it is not reflected in the pay run calculation?

Generally, this is because the user cited other pay items in the formula, but the order of the cited pay items in [Sort Order] are lower than the pay items to be calculated, so that the formula was not taken effect.

For example:

[No Paid Leave Deduction] is calculated by [No Paid Leave Days] and [Average Daily Rate]. Therefore, [No Paid Leave Days] and [Average Daily Rate] need to be ranked before the [No Paid Leave Deduction] pay item.

You can follow the steps below:

step 1

Open [Payroll] > [Settings] > [Pay Items], enter the pay items list page

Step 2

Click the [Sort Order] button in the upper right corner to enter the pay item order detail page

Step 3

Select the name of the pay item you want to adjust, such as [No Paid Leave Deduction], and drag it directly to any position behind the [No Paid Leave Days] and [Average Daily Rate], then click [Save]

Step 4

Finally, [Recalculate] the pay run to see the formula taken effect for [No Paid Leave Deduction]

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