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How to Submit Manulife Contribution File?
How to Submit Manulife Contribution File?

Please view the following Manulife Contribution File Submission Guidelines.

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Step 1

Ensure filename of the contribution file is presented in the following format:



“PD” = compulsory wording for file submitted with pre-defined format

“99999999” = the 8-digits sub-scheme number

“MANULIFE” = compulsory must be provided after the sub-scheme number

“00” = the 2-digit sequence number

“*” = other characters

“.XLS” = compulsory file type setting set after the sequence number

Step 2

Scan the file with anti-virus program to ensure it is virus free.

Step 3

Login to Manulife e-MPF Employer Online Services (web site address: with the MCN / User Name and PIN.

Step 4

After successful login, select the function “Upload Contribution File” from the navigation bar shown on the left of the main page.

Step 5

Choose the appropriate contribution file using the “Browse” button provided on the page of “Upload Contribution File”.

Step 6

Upload the file using the “Submit” button provided on the page.

Step 7

Upon completion of file submission, a reference number will be returned and can be kept for future follow up.

Notes⚠️: Contribution data file will not be processed under any of the following circumstances:

  • The contribution file contains computer virus

  • The pre-defined format or the pre-filled items in the Excel file has been modified.

Notes⚠️: To avoid duplication of contribution data, client should NOT submit any hard

copy of contribution details to Manulife if the data for the same payroll period has been submitted to Manulife.

(Sourced from User Guideline for Manulife Excel File Interface)

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