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Workstem 1.8.6 2022-11-15 ~ 2022-12-02 Update Records
Workstem 1.8.6 2022-11-15 ~ 2022-12-02 Update Records
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1.【Apply Expense Claim】-web-Apply Expense Claim import template adjustment;

  • The downloaded template of import in the previous Hong Kong version is inconsistent with the system field names, and now has been adjusted to be consistent with the system;

  • The field "Staff ID" is not displayed on the system page and now is not displayed in the template too.

2. [Location] - Bug fixed: Disabled location can still use GPS to clock in/out normally at this location. Under normal circumstances, if the location is disabled, using GPS to clock in/out at this location should belong to field work.

3. [People] - Added a "Manager" to the filter item of People.

  • Filtering rules: Regardless of whether the Manager is leaving or working, the Manager and subordinate employees can be filtered out according to the display name and staff ID of the Manager;

  • For example, employee Cindy (staff ID A00003) is the Manager of Daisy, Alice Crotty, and Ava. If you filter the Manager and select Cindy (staff ID A00003), you can view Cindy, Daisy, Alice Crotty, and Ava.

4.【Pay Items】-web-add fixed / variable pay items, optimized the optional pay items.

  • Original logic: If no formula is set for a pay item, this pay item can be selected for adding a fixed / variable pay items; if a formula is set, this pay item cannot be selected for a new fixed / variable pay items;

  • Optimization point: If a formula is set for the pay item, and // isEditable = true is marked in the first line of the formula, then the new fixed / variable pay items can also select this pay item.

5. [Multi-approval]-App-Multiple approval process.

  • If an employee has been set up multiple timesheet/leave/reimbursement approval processes on the web, then the employee can select a specific approval process when submitting on the app(the app needs to updated the latest version 1.39).

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