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Why do you need the “Date of seniority calculation”?

If there is a new employee in the company who used to be an expert in this area, you can use this function to distinguish him/her from ordinary new employees in terms of benefits.

Step 1

「People」> Choose one staff you want to add the “Date of seniority calculation” for > View

Step 2

「Employment & Payroll information」> 「Change」

Notice⚠️: Please keep「Join Date」and「Payroll Effective Date」the SAME for accurate leave balance calculation.

Notice⚠️: The “Date of seniority calculation” usually works with the annual leave policy you set before. It enables staff to enjoy more annual leaves if you shift it to an earlier date (The month & day are set to the same month & day as the employee’s join date) .

Please refer to the example below for better understanding.


Eddie joined the company on January first, 2021. How can I give him the benefit of two more days of annual leave compared with other ordinary new employees?

Leave policy settings:

Year Leave Entitlement Adjustments:

Staff who just join the company are entitled to 12 days of annual leave.

For those whose years of service is one, they are entitled to 13 days.

For those whose years of service is two, they are entitled to 14 days.

For those whose years of service is equal to or more than three, they are entitled to 15 days.

In this case, if we shift Eddie’s “Date of seniority calculation” 2 years earlier, he is now entitled to 14 days of annual leave which can be viewed at「Leave Balance」.


* Make sure to keep 「Join Date」&「Payroll Effective Date」the same when you are modifying.

* Please keep the date & month the same and just shift the year forward when you are modifying the “Date of seniority calculation”.

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