I've already informed my employees to verify their email addresses. How do I know whether they have successfully verified or not?

You can know the verification status by checking the following:

Verified Email Address:

  • The employee email address is colour blue.
  • The employee email address can be clicked on.

Not Yet Verified Email Address:

  • The employee email address is colour black.
  • There is a red mail icon beside the email address.
  • If you hover your mouse over the email address, there will be a popup telling you that the email address has not been verified yet.

My employee has not verified his/her email address yet, what should I do?

1. Check whether you have sent the invitation email

If the "Last Sent" column is empty, it might be because you have not invited your employees yet. Please try sending the invitation again.

  1. Click into the employee profile
  2. On the upper righthand corner, click on [Send Invitation]. You can check the "Last Sent" time again to confirm that the invitation email was sent out.

2. If the invitation was already sent out, you can check if the verification link has expired: 

  • Within 24 hrs of "Last Sent" time: Please remind / guide your employee to check their inbox and click on the verification link.
  • If it's 24 hrs past the "Last Sent" time, then you need to re-send the invitation email.

Note ⚠️

  1. Employees only have to verify their emails once by clicking on the verification link. Clicking on the link multiple times might cause errors.
  2. If your employees say that they didn't receive any emails, but you see that there is a "Last Sent" time in the system, please advise your employees to check their junk / spam mailbox.

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