How Do I Know Whether Employees Successfully Verified Their Email Addresses?
Only have successful email verification, the employees can log in and start using the staff app.
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How do I know whether employees have successfully verified the email account or not?

Note⚠️: You can know the verification status by checking the following:

The sign of Verified Email Address:

  • The employee email address in the information is blue.

  • The employee email address is clickable.

The sign of Not Yet Verified Email Address:

  • The employee email address in the information is black.

  • There is a red mail icon beside the email address.

  • If you hover your mouse over the email address, there will be a popup telling you that the email address has not been verified yet.

What should I do, if the employee hasn't verified the email address?

Step 1

Confirm whether the employee has downloaded the Workstem One App, if not remind the employee to download;

Step 2

After the employee downloads the Workstem One App, tell them to log in to the Workstem One App directly and verify with the personal email entered in the system.

Note⚠️: For the first login, use the verification code to log in. After successful login, the password can be changed, and the email verification has also been completed;

Note⚠️: If your employees say that they didn't receive any emails, please advise your employees to check their junk / spam mailbox.

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