This article will take employee A as an example to explain how the system deals with the MPF contribution of new employees.

Employee A's join date: 2022-7-18; The 1998-11-11 birthday; The MPF contribution plan date of this employee and the salary calculation record of July are as follows:

In July, employer contribution, employee non-contribution; Next, let's look at the payroll records for August and September; According to the labor law of Hong Kong, this employee should start to make contributions on 2022-9-1.

The page of ER_MC for salary calculation in September is twice that of EE_MC, because the logic of the system is that ER_MC is deducted in the month of EE_MC contribution, so ER_MC will be deducted twice in September, but the MPF view page is still 1000, and the MPF view interface is used to present the correct MPF contribution record.

In summary, starting from October, the new employee system with 7-18 entry will deduct the same proportion of ER_MC and EE_MC each month according to the relevant income.

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