Case: Company A has three departments that are Management, Product, and Finance respectively. Management department is the parent department of Marketing and Sales department.

Step 1

Click [Company] > [Department] > [+ New] > input [Company A] firstly.

Step 2

Create Management, Product, and Finance department following step 1, and Company A should be selected as parent department of these three new departments.

Step 3

Create Marketing and Sales department following step 1, and select Management department as their parent department.

Step 4

You can see Org Chart by clicking [Org Chart] under [Department] after finishing the above steps.

You can download Org Chart by clicking [Export].

Downloaded Org Chart cannot be directly modified. Therefore, if the organisation structure changes, like Sales department is under Product department, instead of Management department. Then you need to edit the parent department of Sales department following step 3.

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