When HR/supervisors checked the [Leave Balance Record] in the [Leave Balance], they found that there were multiple balance deduction records on the same time and wanted to know what happened.

The "Time" is not the actual time of the Leave. There are two scenarios:

  • If the record is to make up for the leave that had already taken effect, the system records the time when the application was entered. For example, HR created a leave application on May 1 to make up for the leave on April 1, the time will be displayed on May 1.

  • If you apply for a future leave, the actual leave time is recorded. For example, an employee creates a leave application on May 1 and applies for a leave on June 1 in advance. The time will be displayed as June 1.

Therefore, if there are multiple balance deduction records for the same [Time]. Generally, the HR/supervisor made up multiple leave records of the employee on that day. You can use the [Submission Date] to determine which day the employee has a holiday or leave.

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