You can easily view the positions inside the system. "Positions" can be modified, deleted, disabled, or enabled.

Edit a Position

  • Scenario: This is applicable to changes in the current position name or code, for example, changing "Human Resources Intern" into "HR Intern".

  • Result: Employees who originally had the position of "Human Resources Intern" will automatically be updated to "HR Intern" inside the staff information.

Disable a Position

  • Scenario: This is applicable to situations where the position of some temporary/contract workers are no longer needed, but these positions will be used again in the future.

  • Result: The disabled positions can still be seen in the [Position] list, and the status will be displayed as "Disabled". For employees who have selected this position before, the status inside the staff information will still display the position name normally. But this position cannot be selected any more when adding new employees in the future.

Enable a Position

  • Scenario: This is suitable when a position that has been disabled needs to be re-enabled again.

  • Result: When the status of a position is changed from [Disabled] to [Enabled], the enabled position can be selected again when adding new employees.

Delete a Position

  • Scenario: This applies to scenarios where a company no longer has this position, or no employees belong to this position anymore.

  • Result: If an employee is currently assigned to this position, after deleting the position, the [Position] in their staff information will also be deleted.

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