It can be used as a department/team in an office setting or used as a retail store.

The department information that was entered before can be viewed/edited in the department list. Department information can be modified, deleted, disabled, or enabled.

Edit or Update a Department

  • Scenario: The department name or code has changed, for example, "Sales Team" -> "Sales"

  • Result: The updated department name will be automatically updated in the employee files, and there is no need to edit one by one.

Disable a Department

  • Scenario: Some temporary employees may need to have their own "Department" categorisation but are used infrequently. If you do not want these temporary department information to always show up in the department lists, you can save these departments first, disable them when you don’t need them, and then enable them when you need them.

  • Result: The disabled department information can still be seen in the [Department] list, and the status will be displayed as "Disabled". If an employee was assigned this department before, the [Department] status column in the staff information will still display the department name normally, but it can not be selected any more when adding new employees.

Enable a Department

  • Scenario: This is suitable for when a department that was disabled needs to be re-enabled.

  • Result: The status of this department information will be changed from "disabled" to "enabled", and can be selected again when adding new employees.

Delete Department

  • Scenario: When the company no longer has this department, or there are no employees in this department anymore.

  • Result: If an employee belongs to this department, after deletion, the [Department] information in their staff profiles will also be deleted.

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